Learning Game Controls for a Beginner in SimCity BuildIt

The SimCity BuildIt is a game of building a modern city. By being most innovative, a player can build a city, upgrade it and make it one of the best models. The city is built by tapping on buttons and dragging the various elements to their places. As mayor, the player plans his city and builds it, according to his plan. As a beginner, it is best if the player go through various tips and tricks shared by other mayors. Once you start building a city, you will gain more ideas about building the city. By making use of past experiences from other players, you can avoid mistakes and build a good city.

Game Controls

There are many game controls that are used to play the game easily.

  • To get a view of the city, you can use movements of the finger such as pan, zoom, rotate and tilt. To Pan, you can use a single-finger drag. To zoom, you can use two-fingers to pinch in or to pinch out. To tilt, you can move two of your fingers to move up or to move down.
  • Renaming of a city can be done any number of times. It is a very easy procedure. You have to tap on the Settings Menu and select the “change of name” button. The city name can be change. When you make a change in the name, the name will be displayed on the Global Trade HQ, whenever you advertise your products, and viewed when other mayors visit these global trade centers.
  • To check what is sold on the Trade Depots, you have to click the green icon to the left on the screen. You can see the products sold by your friends, on the Trade Depot.
  • You can visit other cities. When you visit the city of another Mayor, you can pick a gift item. You have to tap on the opinion bubbles of a citizen to get a secret prize. You can get a gift per day.
  • While placing Specialization in your city, you have to decide wisely. The percentage boost in the population will be represented on the area, where you intend to build it. Choose the best location that will increase the percentage. This is indicated through the blue people icon. There are various specialization services that can be placed in the city, such as education, transportation, entertainment and parks. The population boost is represented through blue bars. If the bars are big, it shows that the population boost is high and vice-versa.
  • The citizens have to be kept happy. This can be done by providing various Essential Services and Specialization Services. If they are happy, they stay in the city and pay their taxes. If they are not happy, they abandon their homes and vacate the city. The smiley face, expresses happiness, which is present on the left portion of the screen. If there are any complaints, you can check them out through the opinion bubbles. Some complaints that citizens generally make, are traffic jams, dirty radius in their neighborhood, faulty services and boredom. If the face turns a shade lighter than green, the opinion bubbles can be scrutinized to get a warning of their problems. Red exclamations have to be attended to, immediately.
  • The Government icon present in the Services menu can be checked, to see what improvements the citizens require, in their city.
  • To keep the factory working, the materials will have to be dragged on to the top of the building of the factory. After the processing is completed, the manufactured items will appear on the top of the building, from where they are collected. If the factories are producing goods, a smoke signal will come out of the chimney. If there is a “Zzzzz” sign, it signifies that the factory is not working. The Mayor will have to keep producing goods to produce goods and sell them. Only through good sales, will the income of the city increase.

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