World of Warcraft Game Time Scams

Now many of you may have seen videos on Youtube claiming that they have found out how to get “free game time”. If you watch these videos you may notice that every single one of them says you have to put in an unused game card and it will duplicate it. Don’t EVER put in an unused game card! The programs may seem innocent enough but every single one is a scam! There is no way to get free game time in World of Warcraft! The system Blizzard made makes it impossible to get free time in game. There are two different types of these scams:
1. The E-mail Scam
This scam says that Blizzard’s system goes through an e-mail system and you write all kinds of mumbo-jumbo and an unused game card and you get free time. These e-mails are the person’s home e-mail and you just send them one free game card for there own use. The flaw with this system is that anyone that knows anything about World of Warcraft knows that Blizzard’s e-mails end with not with or

2. The Generator Scam
The other scam is the generator program scam. The people claim that they had a team of people working on this program that has hacked the Blizzard system and duplicates your game card. You may think that they can’t take the code because it’s an application. WRONG! I have seen one of the website that tells you how these works. The scammer will download a program that has a seperate file that you write your e-mail in. When the generator program starts the number put in the top and hits generate the program e-mails the number to the e-mail put in the seperate file. Sometimes the scammers say that “It’s a program it can’t be a scam” or “I just found it online” but neither of these statements is true.

Both of these programs has one other major flaw: they both contradict eachother. Both programs say that they use the system Blizzard uses while they both can’t be system Blizzard uses. Don’t be a victim of these scammers! It’s fun to think you can play World of Warcraft for free but unfortunately there’s no way.